Gimme Head

Get your heads out of the gutter!  I just had the most incredible dinner ever.  My first day off in a few weeks.  Body feels like Mike Tyson just kicked my ass.  Figue is doing great! All I wanted to do was spend time with my lovely wife and son and perhaps an incredible bottle of wine.  We enjoyed a hangar steak, some great mustard from Dijon, France, a bottle of Guigal 1995 Cote Rotie and a fantastic head of cauliflower.

Cauliflower has to be the most underrated of all vegetables.  Try taking a beautiful Farmer’s Market head and slow cooking in as large saute pan with olive oil.  I usually cut the raw head in quarter inch slices and lay flat in a large pan.  Cook on low heat till lightly brown.  Add red pepper flakes, chopped anchovies, loads of garlic and basil.  Cook till the garlic makes you salivate so bad you can’t handle it!

Living the good life, always!

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