Preservation Kitchen: One of the Best Cook Books I Read This Year!


Paul Virant’s book explores in depth different pickling techniques and recipes that are so easy to add to your repertoire.  I had done small amounts of pickling prior to picking this book up, now I am pickling everything.  At Figue we have made Sake Pickled Summer Tomatoes, Pickled Okra, Charred Spring Onion Pickles, Moroccan Pickled Baby Carrots and more…  Preserving goes hand and hand with the concept of our charcuterie bar.

Figue Training 09

Moroccan Pickled Carrots

Moroccan Pickled Carrots│ Basic Prep
Chef François de Mélogue
Quantity Unit Ingredient
3 Quart 24 Quarts
4 32 cups Water
2.25 18 cups White Wine Vinegar
0.50 4 cups Sugar
28 224 grams Sea Salt
3 24 teaspoon Coriander Seeds
3 24 teaspoon Fennel Seeds
3 24 teaspoon Black Peppercorns
3 24 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
51 408 ounces Baby Carrots, peel, blanched
Mise en Place:
1. Boil all ingredients, except carrots.
2.  Stuff carrots in jars2(a). Add 2 teaspoons Harissa Powder to each jar
3.  Seal jars, boil 20 minutes
4.  Let sit for a few weeks.

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