This recipe comes at the request of my wife Lisa who enjoys hummus in all it’s forms and variations.  The history of Hummus is unclear with a few different nations claiming it as their own.  Chickpeas have been around the Mediterranean since forever though they likely came from Western Asia.  The Phoenicians introduced them to Spain.  Excavations around Languedoc show that wild chickpeas grew there.  Roman vendors used to sell roasted chickpeas at events throughout their Empire.  You can still find chickpea fritters being sold at events in the South of France.  At Figue, we serve Hummus underneath our Lebanese Lamb Meatballs with a refreshing Cucumber Salad.

Chickpea Puree │ Hummus

Chef François de Mélogue


15 oz              Chickpeas, cooked

½  c.               Tahini

½                     Lemon Juice



to taste          Sea Salt/Pepper


Mise en Place:


  1. Puree till smooth as silk.  Add enough water to achieve this.  Add as much olive oil that suits your taste!

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