PBS Filming ” Hello Paradise with Joni Ravenna” at Figue

PBS Filiming 01

PBS Filiming 02

PBS Filiming 03


Host Joni Ravenna filming at Figue YesterdayPBS Filiming 04

PBS Filiming 05

PBS Filiming 06

PBS Filiming 07

Diver Scallop, Piquillo pepper granite and Lime Crudo $16

Mexican Diver Scallops drizzled with Kaffir Lime Ginger vinaigrette

Piquillo Pepper Granite, Bautista Creek Finger Limes and Organic Sicilian Hot Pepper Olive Oil

PBS Filiming 08

PBS Filiming 11

Squid Ink Chitarra pasta with uni $18

chilled hand rolled Chitarra Pasta with fresh Dungeness Crab

Sea Urchins and Zucchini Blossom Pesto

PBS Filiming 12

PBS Filiming 13


Joni’s Daughter enjoying our Halibut Tajine, halibut tagine│ Moroccan spiced Halibut, roasted Summer Vegetable Couscous – 32PBS Filiming 14

PBS Filiming 15

PBS Filiming 16Please visit Joni’s webpage at http://www.raventv.net/helloparadise.html


One thought on “PBS Filming ” Hello Paradise with Joni Ravenna” at Figue

  1. Please due a blog post on National Eat Local Day. I will send release later…

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