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For a long time, friends referred to me as Bacchus because of my larger than life love of life, food, wine and general merriment. The inspiration for Eat Till You Bleed came during a recent bacchanalian dinner party. We were slightly drunk having finished off several bottles of wine and home crafted brews and perhaps, just maybe, eaten way too much. At one point Jack blurted out what sounded a bit like a toast or perhaps a command, ‘Eat Till You Bleed!’ As the night progressed the line was repeated and repeated till it sounded more like a battle cry from the front lines of debauchery. It came to encapsulate life at my house. Yes, the transition from professional Chef to a home cook has been rough on the waistline and liver, but great for the Soul.

Grab a pint of your favorite beverage, pull up a chair and join the party! Together we will explore the world of FOOD one bite at a time!


Chef Francois

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